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Aah-Some Finnish Storyteller Extraordinaire

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Frequently Answered Questions

What do I do as a storyteller/entertainer?
I tell original stories which end happily ever after.  I use some illusion as I tell a story so if something changes in the story, it also changes in my hands with the item/prop I am using.  I sculpture clown balloons, twist them as I tell a story and have a character made when I am done. In addition, I tell the "3 Bears" in Finnish which is amazingly enjoyed by all ages and nationalities. I tell 3-4 stories per performance so each is short and on to the next one. Clean comedy is woven throughout the program.
How long is my program?
Average is 40 minutes. All performances times can be adjusted to your needs. In home parties are approximately 50 minutes with balloon sculpturing taught.
When am I available? What size can a group be?
Available 24/7 throughout the midwest.  I travel to your site.  There is no size limit on the group.  Generally a few weeks notice is necessary to book your day but last minute plans usually work out too...I can help desperate planners!
What do I offer on return visits?
The format is the same with all the variety but stories, illusions and balloon sculptures are all different than the first visit.  Many times my audience wants to hear the same stories again and I do accomodate that but I like to do a few new things to keep it fresh and entertain myself!
How can my Finnish version of the "3 Bears" be understood by a non-Finnish audience?
Good question but hard to answer.  IT JUST IS.  The story is common to all ages.  My signature story is the "3 Bears" which is requested over & over & over & over  again.
What age audience benefits the most?
No age restrictions.  Audiences can be specifically adults or children or a mixture of  children/siblings/parents/grandparents.  This entertainment encompasses everyone.  Try it!  A change is good.
Is my program appropriate for audiences with shorter attention spans or mixed ages/genders?
Yes.  Programs are designed with your input. Especially good for those who might think a storyteller would be "boring......"
How long have I been a  comedian/storyteller/magician?
All my life, but professionally for over 20 years!
What is my fee for performing?
Rates are standardized for your group event but I work within your budget. Travel and lodging are additional. You may call me or email me at but please leave me your phone number so we can talk in person.  It is too difficult to quote a price without knowing your needs. It is helpful when you know your budget before we talk.
What is my background?
Finnish was my first language.  Storytelling is a talent I was born with.  I consistently learn new illusions.  I am a triple cancer survivor and mother of only 5 so humor has definitely helped me.  I am married to Tom Sawyer so no more needs to be said!
What do I do for leisure?
I ride my recumbent bicycle, tutor children in reading, design quilts, nap, learn new illusions, paint, read and fish.  I have some great fish stories to personally share and have discovered that fisher people are the best (biggest?) storytellers of all.
Thoughts of the day:
** If it's not one thing, it's your mother **
** Mirror, mirror on the wall, I'm like my mother after all **

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