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Aah-Some Finnish Storyteller Extraordinaire

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Audience Comments

No one has died from laughing too far as I know.... 

  • My favorite part was when you made funny voices.  Student with Autism
  • Every year I look forward to your visit. Farmington Middle School Teacher
  • You are fun and funny. Brainerd Kindergarten Teacher
  • Thanks for helping us celebrate Catholic Schools Week. Principal
  • Our students were engaged and attentive. Title 1 Teacher
  • You have a real talent communicating a serious message in a very entertaining and informative way. Middle School Dean
  • I watched my niece rolling with laughter during the "3 Bears" in Finnish. She is 4. ECFE Coordinator
  • I have never laughed so much in my life! Title 1 Parent
  • You made our engineers smile and react outwardly. Medtronic Employee
  • The "3 Bears" is everyone's perennial favorite.  Park & Rec Coordinator
  • Our boys sat mesmerized; you could have heard a pin drop. Den Leader
  • The seniors are still buzzing about your visit.  Senior Citizen Coordinator
  • One of our librarians said your program was her favorite and we have had many!  Library Coordinator
  • My 4-year old has taken an interest in balloon sculpturing since your visit and is teaching me how to do it.  Mom from Birthday Party
  • You entertained both the students and the adults.  That's hard to do. DARE Officer
  • Two of the audience members were most difficult to please.  You did! Assisted Living Specialist
  • Audiences, especially children, can hear the English language anytime.  What a delightful and funny presentation you had with your Finnish dialog.  I haven't laughed like that for a long time!  75 Year Old Grandma J
  • You were very motivational.  I feel inspired to try to learn new things and to be proud of my heritage. Single Parent
  • You were so awesome...better than David Copperfield. Girl Scout
  • We had 900 people and no one left early from your performance.  Thanks for making my first event so successful. DARE Officer
  • As parents, we were as mesmerized as the kids. Wow! Dad from Birthday Party
  • The adults and children enjoyed you so much and it really sparked conversation after you left. Open House Daycare Facility
  • The children and staff enjoyed you so much that I am booking you again! Latchkey Coordinator
  • You are soft and you smell like a donut. Preschooler with a hug

Call today!  You won't be disappointed.

Cheryl Sawyer    651-665-0592